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Complaints, grievances and fair hearings

If a provider or AmeriHealth Caritas does something that you are unhappy about or do not agree with, you can tell AmeriHealth Caritas or the Department of Public Welfare that you are unhappy or that you disagree with what the provider or AmeriHealth Caritas has done. This section describes what you can do and what will happen.

Persons whose primary language is not English

If you ask for language interpreter services, AmeriHealth Caritas will provide the services at no cost to you.

Persons with disabilities

AmeriHealth Caritas will provide persons with disabilities with the following help in presenting complaints or grievances at no cost, if needed. This help includes:

  • Providing sign language interpreters
  • Providing information submitted by AmeriHealth Caritas at the complaint or grievance review in an alternative format that will be given to you before the review
  • Providing someone to help copy and present information

NOTE: For some issues you can request a fair hearing from the Department of Public Welfare in addition to or instead of filing a complaint or grievance with AmeriHealth Caritas.

Learn the reasons you can request a fair hearing.